Gregory Batt
Master AIV Teacher
I'm a computational biologist working in systems and synthetic biology. We work on the design, optimization and control of cellular processes, mostly in yeast and bacteria. We have both wet and dry lab facilities.
Gregory's Bio
I'm teaching computational biology in the AIV master at the CRI since 2009. This course is specifically made for CRI master students to provide them with core working knowledge in dynamical systems theory and programming and to help them grasp concretely how quantitative approaches can be helpful to understand how biological systems work at the molecular level.

InBio is an Inria – Pasteur Institute joint research group. It is hosted at Institut Pasteur and affiliated to Inria Saclay – Ile-de-France. More info here:

Besides my specific involvement in the team of M1 teachers, I'm also a long standing member of the CRI community. I have been fortunate to (co-)supervise many FdV students and AIV interns, to be involved in iGEM competitions, and to discuss with many students about their future (scientific) life.

Understanding the cost of protein expression to optimize bioproduction processes in yeast
Understand the yeast physiology in stressful conditions