What you will learn
What you will learn

The M2 AIRE Master is designed to train and empower a community of students who want to tackle the challenges of modern research serving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach.

Our program offers a multifaceted approach, designed to ignite intellectual curiosity and foster innovation at the crossroads of three captivating disciplines: Life Sciences, Learning Sciences, and Digital Sciences. This program serves as a gateway to unparalleled exploration, empowering students to delve deep into the intricacies of these fields while embracing the dynamic intersection of science, technology, and human advancement.

Second year organization
Second year organization

Through rigorous coursework, research opportunities, and real-world applications, students will develop the skills, insights, and perspectives necessary to thrive in today's rapidly evolving global landscape. This second year is designed to help students find their way into the research realm, and develop many important skills such as metacognition, critical thinking, collaborative work, communication, and the practice of responsible science.

Throughout the year, students perform at least two internships, for a total of nine months. These internships give students the opportunity to learn research by doing research in labs, working at companies, schools, non-governmental organizations.

At the end of the year, most of our students apply to a PhD program, in France or abroad. Our role is to make sure that all of the students know by the end of the M2 what scientific questions they wish to work on during the 3 years of their PhD, and that they have acquired the necessary background to tackle them. The courses of the second year are designed to fulfill this goal.

  • ~50 students
  • At least 2 research internships, for a total of 9 months
  • 100 % Courses in English
  • Students entering directly into M2 can follow all or part of the M1 courses.
M2 program

At the AIRE Master, you will study Life, Learning and Digital Sciences through an innovative, interdisciplinary approach based on the convergence of Biology, Physics, Digital Sciences, Learning Sciences and many other disciplines. You will be able to build your own unique course portfolio, and to gain substantial, meaningful research experience thanks to our internship-rich program. You will be trained by prominent researchers from different backgrounds, who experience innovative teaching methods. You will also work in an international environment that promotes teamwork and collaborations, and thus builds long-lasting ties with researchers and fellow students from all over the world.

First semester courses
  • Creating an Interdisciplinary Research Project Workshop
  • Critical Analysis of a Research Article
  • Student Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Internship
Second semester courses
  • Bibliographic synthesis
  • Data Science of Climate Change
  • Thematic Workshop
  • Masterclasses
  • Internship