Kristine Schauer
Master AIV Teacher
I am a CNRS researcher working at Institut Curie. With my team, “Structure-function relationship of cell architecture”, we study how the intracellular landscape of organelles and their spatial placing regulates cell functions, and how this is deregulated in diseases such as cancer or during pathogen infection. Recent focus fell on the understanding of the role of molecular motors that regulate organelle positioning. Our favorite practice to study basic cell biological processes is to use quantitative fluorescent imaging approaches in cells whose geometry is controlled by culture on micro devises. At CRI, I teach the Experimental Methods Course at the M1 level.
Kristine's Bio

After studying a phospholipase during Plasmodium infection (Master 2, USA) and nickel metabolisms in the pathogen H. pylori (PhD, France), I studied the integration between signaling and intracellular trafficking by intracellular organization (Institut Curie). In my postdoc followed by my recruitment at CNRS, I employed cell biological, mathematical, biophysical and chemical methods to address how intracellular organization regulates cell functions such as polarity, migration, endocytosis and secretion.