matthieu jules
Master AIV Teacher
matthieu's Bio

Matthieu Jules is Professor at AgroParisTech; he is the co-leader of the team and the leader of the SyBER group. His research focuses both on the central carbon metabolism and its regulations and on the functioning of the major cellular processes (transcription and translation) with emphasis on systemic approaches and mathematical modeling (visit his website).

Dr. Jules obtained his Ph.D in 2004 in the Department of “Engineering of Biological Systems and Process” at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA, Toulouse) under the direction of Professor Jean-Marie François. In 2004 he accepted a one-year research position with part-time teaching duties under the direction of Dr. Jean-Luc Parrou. He then carried out post-doctoral studies for 30 months at the Pasteur Institute under the direction of Dr. Carmen Buchrieser. In 2007 he took the position of INRA Research Associate (CR2: 2007-2011, CR1: 2011-present) in the laboratory of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (AgroParisTech, Grignon) renamed in 2010, Micalis (UMR1319 - AgroParisTech). In 2013 he accepted a Consulting Professor position at AgroParisTech (department of Life Science and Health).

Dr. Jules worked on molecular physiology and carbon metabolism of lower eukaryotes with an accent on the metabolism of reserve carbohydrates. He further developed his expertise working on the crisscrossed regulations of virulence and metabolism in bacterial pathogens. Altogether, this led him to address several fundamental issues related to the overall functioning of a bacterial cell (metabolic network, cell adaptation, transcription and post-transcriptional regulations, translation, etc.).

At CRI, Matthieu teaches in the AIV M1 course Systems Biology.