Nicolas Minc
Master AIV Teacher
Nicolas 's Bio

Nicolas Minc is a CNRS researcher and the group leader of the "Cellular Spatial Organization" team at Institut Jacques Monod. He has a PhD in Biophysics and he is interested in fundamental research about cellular morphogenesis.

About his research

Cells come with stereotypical shapes and sizes which are often associated with their function. Neurons grow in highly elongated morphologies to build neuronal networks, while red blood cells have discoid-like deformable morphologies to squeeze within tiny blood vessels. Questions that fascinate our team are to understand how cells define their particular shape, and how information in cell geometry may be conveyed into cell function or in organizing the cell interior. To address these fundamental questions, we integrate original methods at the frontier between molecular biology, genetics and physics and mathematics. One of our ultimate goal is to capture biological behavior with mathematical models.

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