Giuseppe Gangarossa
Master AIV Teacher
Enthusiastic about and energized by science, philosophy of science and interdisciplinary approaches.
Giuseppe's Bio

After a Pharm.D (2007, University of Bologna) and a Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences (2011, University of Bologna/Karolinska Institutet) studying the signaling events associated to dopamine pathways, I performed two postdoctoral trainings (France) and visiting stays (Canada) to acquire multi-scale approaches to study the (mal)adaptive bases of integrative (neuro)physiological functions. In 2016, I have been appointed as Assistant Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience at the Université de Paris (UP) and I am associated to the Functional and Adaptive Biology Unit (CNRS UMR 8251). Currently, I study the integrative mechanisms involved in homeostatic and allostatic regulations of reward processes (see website for detailed Research Projects). In particular, I try to explore the functional interface between metabolic and reward brain functions.

Recently appointed co-Director of studies of an interdisciplinary undergraduate program (UP/SciencesPo), I also co-direct the “History of Neurosciences” Club. I’m strongly involved in outreach activities and in curating Art/Sciences exhibits.